Athanaisan Creed on Trinity

How Saints Are Declared

Need Love vs True Love

New Knowledge from What Spirit?

Trans: A Flag & Some Hormones

Millstone Ministry

Not A Blessing

Crisis of Trust

Return to Real Catholic Education

Give Me The Truth

Who Is Evangelizing Whom?

Called to Love in the Eucharist

Against Modernism

Papal Hyperinflation

Same Sex Blessings As Superstitions

Responsible Immigration

The Work of Remembering

Evangelizing in an Age of Unbelief

Floating Church

Saved By Faith

Living in a Messy Church

Let’s Build But Expect No Help

Confusion: Doctrine or Ideology

Strange Synod

Stay Faithful

Populist Slogans

Inclusion Deception

Sacrifice, Not Enabling

Radical Inclusion Delusion

Suspended Magisterium

Truth from Bible: Deception from Synod

Truth, Good, Freedom

Apostatizing in Place

Ambiguity of Experience

What Is A Welcoming Church

Catholic Interpretation

Unity = Faithful Bishops + Faithful Flock

Ruinous Rhetoric

Loving Clarity

Bishops and Cardinals in Heresy?

Intrinsically Disordered

Evangelize or Fossilize

Clericalism: Drunk on Power

Abp Chaput on Synod & Faith

Mortal or Venial Sin and Guilt

Old Errors Rising Up Again

Radical Inclusion Radical Love?

Will Logic Prevail?

No God No Rights, No Truth No Church

Pray Against the Grand Deception

Accompanying the Errant to Conversion

Penitential Revival


Skewed Synod

Self Destructive Synod

Holy Priest or Theologian: Both

Only Dogma gives Real “Deeper Understanding”

Priests Do Not Trust Bishops

Synod Path to Worldy Power, Pleasure, Prestige, Possessions

Formerly Catholic Universities

False Blessings



Faith & Works

Church Authority

Regain Our Prophetic Voice

Synod Challenges


Fight & Stay Faithful

Rejection of Vatican II? Not!


Pray to Turn Around America

Who Is The Antichrist?

New Agenda for a New Church

Abortion Rage & Satan

Modernist Synodality

Hope For The Church

Foot Washing of 12 MEN

A God in MY Own Image and Likeness

Brainwashing of Catholics

Message to Canceled Priests

Canceled Bishop

Bishops & Priests

Liquid Catholicism

Proclaim Jesus

What Happened AFTER Vatican II

Gaslighting & Faith Manipulation

Hope for the Hierarchy

Sin & Groupthink

Generational Divide of Priests

Authority & Power

In Praise of Slow

Catholic Upbringing


Vaccine for Virus Infecting Church

Church Must Save All In Jesus

Return to Jesus, Church, Sacraments NOW

Malformed Catholics Become Malformed Clergy

Abandoning New Myths Created to Reinterpret the Holy Bible

Election of the Bishop of Rome and the Pope

Preach Jesus, Not Politics

4 Marks of Priestly Vocation

Blinded When Following Blindly

Catholic Home for LGBTQ

Why Cancel the Traditional Latin Mass

Choose Jesus

Whatever Happened to the Church’s “Lay Moment”

Misson or Meetings

Popes & Liturgical Heritage

Pastoral Incoherence

Working Out Salvation

A Crystallized Church

Salt of the Earth, Leaven for the World

Lavender Mafia Controlling the Church?

Salt of the Earth, Leaven for the World

Defending the Deposit of Faith?

Clericalism Canceling Commandments

Does a Bishop Know More than the Church?

Cultural Marxism in the Church

Clergy Acting Badly

Social Justice

Russell Shaw on Synods

Eucharistic Coherence

Cui Bono: Who Benefits?

Silent Pulpits?

Our Lady of Lasalette

Correction to Bishops’ LGBTQ Advocacy

Catholic Whole Truth

Choosing Bishops

Bishops Biden & Scandal

Stay In The Catholic Church

Dominus Iesus: The Lord Jesus Christ

Stop Being Buffaloed

Reading Encyclicals

Sexual Misconduct Review

Vatican II And Controversy

Selling Salvation to Sinners

American Catholicism

Protestants Saving the Catholic Church

Moth Eaten Seamless Garment

Attracting Catholics to the Church

Nonsense of Socialism

Combatting the Decline of Faith

Politics Permeate the Church

Politics Vitiating Jesus’ Message

Homosexual: A Philological Problem

Back to the Future

Abandoning God: Adapting to Culture

Ideology of Moral Disorder

Rescued from Feelings by Dogmatic Truth

German Bishops’ Novelties

Ennobling, Not Enabling

USCCB: December 6 Reparation Day

USCCB: Abolish or Reform?

Send Priests to the Amazon

A Real Missionary’s Advice to the Amazon Synod

Synod 2019: Report & Analysis

Call on the Holy Name of Jesus

Mother & Teacher or Political Ideology

Humility of Mary’s Heel

Everything Is Connected

Is the American Church a Prison for the Mind?

Parish for Real Men

Reform/Deform: Cardinal Müller Germany & Amazon Synod

Cardinal Müller on the Amazon Synod

Abuse of the Process

Truth of the Catholic Faith

Humanism: The Idol of Our Age

Uprooted: Dialogues on the Liquid Church

The Church Is Not An NGO

40 Truths: Clarifying Faith from Ambiguity

Episcopal Thuggery