Among the gifts of Catholic theology are clarity vs ambiguity, truth vs sophistry, continuity vs rupture/novelty.

The GO TO bishops listed here respond to many challenges in the church today. They cite the Bible, Tradition, and Magisterium to guide their fellow bishops, us priests, and you laity to Jesus and His grace.

The greatest among philosophers are those who do not flinch in the presence of truth, but welcome it with the simple words: yes, Amen.  — Clifford Staples

For fidelity, clarity, truth, these are the bishops I go to because they are faithful in calling to clarity, truth, and continuity the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and Lay Faithful. Sometimes they suffer for their ministry, but they use their power to guide us to Jesus.

When changes are consistent with continuity, these bishops lead us down that path.  When proposed changes are novelty and rupture, they guard us in the sheepfold of Jesus.  For their fidelity they are called rigid and blamed for the shrinking church belief and membership, and relevance of the church, when actually they are stemming the bleed with the truth.

These bishops lead us to Jesus, transformation of our souls, and eternal life when other clergy in the church are trying to align it with the world, wrongly thinking that people would actually want to join such a church which has lost its brand, proposing the novelty of trying to remake men who should to try to leave the world a better place according to worldly criteria, rather than leaving the world as better men drawn by Jesus to eternal life with the Holy Trinity.


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