Youth Appeal to Pope Francis to Retain the Mass of John XXIII

I celebrate Holy Mass of Paul VI at home in my private chapel each day that I am not invited to a parish to celebrate, except on Sundays when I sit, dressed in clerics — my "Sunday best” outside the liturgy —, in the assembly with other parishioners.

Occasionally I celebrate the Mass of John XXIII, as I did at the request of the pastor at a local parish in San Diego in July, 2021.

That Mass had more Catholics gathered for worship than the other 3 Masses combined. (Also on Saturday before the celebration of the vigil Mass I heard confessions for 55 minutes non stop until the master of ceremonies told me it was time to vest for the Mass of Paul VI.)

Obviously there is something in the traditional rite that draws people’s souls to the older form of worship.

It needs to be preserved for people who find in it an encounter with Jesus. It is not in competition with the Mass of Paul VI, but contains the same elements of worship in a form that touches the hearts of those people who attend and unites them to Jesus.

This short video appeals to Pope Francis to retain the Mass of John XXIII.



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Do you have any advice for how Catholics can draw Protestants to the Church?

Brianna: What drew me to the Church is the way that the Mass is treated as a sacred time. You’re not coming to church to meet with other people. It’s nice that other people are there, but you’re coming to church to meet with God, so you try to dress up a little bit and you genuflect when you come in and you are focused and you spend that time meeting with God, being in the Mass and participating in the Mass. I think exposing people to that level of sacredness is very powerful even if you’re not talking about a lot of theology. Bringing someone to Mass and exposing them to that kind of sacred experience can be a lot. The Mass is extremely beautiful even if you don’t know what’s going on, which, when I started going to Mass, I didn’t know what was going on and it didn’t take anything away from it. It feels like a very holy place and a holy environment, especially if people are treating it that way when they’re coming to Mass.

I think the more people are exposed to the beautiful things in the church, the more attractive the church is, because that emphasis on everything that is true, good, and beautiful is, I think, unique. Certainly other faith backgrounds have a similar vibe or similar maybe general emphasis on the true, the good, and the beautiful, but I think the Catholic Church over the centuries has really nailed it.

And also if you have someone who has theological questions, give them a Catechism. Don’t make them ask for it.

California Catholic Daily writer Mary Rose is interviewing young Catholic converts as part of our Inquiring Minds series.